Ryan's Contiki Adventure

Ryan's Contiki Adventure

Contiki European Vista – London to London – 21 Days (or the best three weeks of my life)!

I flew to London with Qatar Airways (who were great) in September 2016 to embark on the biggest trip I have done yet. I was feeling super nervous about the trip as I was travelling solo, but once I met my group my concerns quickly vanished. Within minutes of meeting my fellow travellers it felt like I had known them forever. Contiki offer travellers the option to be roomed with another traveller (of the same sex), and I had chosen to share which worked out really well.

Our tour manager and our driver were the most unreal duo I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Their knowledge and passion for the job was evident from day one. There were 50 passengers onboard and they did a fantastic job of organising us, keeping us entertained and making everyone feel included.

The trip itself was busy. We had long coach days, with many games played and lots of laughs along the way. The coach has Wi-Fi so you can stay connected to social media (using #noregrets of course), and family and friends can keep in touch.

We had many early mornings and that is the cost of getting to see all the beautiful places we did. I visited 11 countries in 21 days and saw many amazing sites and tasted some wonderful food, especially in Italy. I also visited the picture perfect Swiss Alps, enjoyed Octoberfest in Munich and tried paragliding in Austria. These were the highlights for me, but every single city we went to was great. 

I would recommend that you do all the optional tours (especially paragliding), as they make the trip a once in a lifetime experience. Definitely step out of your comfort zone and try things you have never done before!

The friends I made on this trip are all amazing people and I look forward to keeping in touch and perhaps even travelling with them in the future. If you choose this tour, be prepared to come back home a different person because this experience changes you, and in my opinion it is for the better! 





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