Tullie’s African Safari Packing Tips

Tullie’s African Safari Packing Tips

21 Aug 2019 Tullie Seneca Experiences, Travel Tips

My name is Tullie Seneca and I am the Owner/Manager of Travel and Cruise Ceduna.  I have worked in the travel industry for over 20 years and love the travel industry.  I fell in love with Africa on my first trip in 2015 when I visited Uganda on a Famil with The Africa Safari Co. gorilla and chimp trekking.  Since 2015 I have returned at least once a year and some years up to three times.  I have been fortunate enough to have visited 9 different countries including Egypt between 2015 and 2019.  Not all trips are the same as Africa is such a large and varied continent, and different areas require different things……….anyway I have put together some safari packing tips that I hope you find useful!

Pack a good camera with decent zoom
Big isn’t always best, it doesn’t need to be a big camera, in fact I prefer a compact camera with a 30x optical zoom, my camera can fit in my pocket but still take an amazing shot from a distance.  Keep your phone handy for video and they can capture a great sunset!  Cameras these days allow you to transfer your pics via WiFi or Bluetooth to your phone to post onto social media so you can share your adventure with friends.

A portable battery charger is always handy
Great for your flights and when on safari (always put it in your hand luggage when flying).   Your phone or camera will at some point need charging and it’s a shame to miss a shot because you hadn’t charged your gear.

Warm clothes and layers for morning and afternoon game drives
I don’t worry too much about having the khakis. I like to wear a long sleeve shirt over a t-shirt mainly for sun-protection; a light scarf is also useful for this.  Warm jackets, jumpers, scarves and beanies are also a must particularly in the morning.  Many vehicles are open and offer no protection from the elements so either dress accordingly or you’ll freeze.

Ladies a sports bra is a good option for the bumpy roads particularly in the East African countries like Kenya and Tanzania where the distances are long and roads particularly bumpy.

Take a day pack
Your day pack should have a hat, sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitiser, wet wipes, tissues (also good as toilet paper) DEET mosquito repellent, anti-nausea and gastro stop…..oh and perhaps a bag of lollies, the guides always seem to appreciate a sweet treat! A small bluetooth speaker is always handy for a sing along on trips where you are doing lots of driving.

Around the camp or lodge
Pack your thongs to wear around the lodge.  You can also wear them on game drives, but if doing a cultural village visit best to wear covered shoes, prickles and animal dung can be a challenge otherwise. This is where wet wipes come in handy!

Keep it soft and light
For your luggage I recommend using a soft bag and keeping your luggage to a minimum (around 15kg is good if you don’t have charter flights then it’s around 10kg).  Soft bags are easier to pack into your safari vehicle. You can still have one with wheels.  The last few trips I have used packing cells and love them.  Keep all your t-shirts in one, pants in another etc. it is easier to find things keeps everything a lot tidier.

A little something to give back
I always like to take a charity bag with me. Things like stationary, pencils, crayons, toys, books and clothes etc. are good. It can be anything really in an old bag or back pack. If you don’t have anything at home then perhaps see what is available at your local Opportunity Shop or Salvos.  Your guide can recommend the best way to distribute the goods.  This of course is optional but it is always appreciated.

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